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Nicolaides & Associates, was founded in 1996 and is based in Nicosia-Cyprus. The company has grown to become one of the largest consulting civil/environmental engineering firms of the country. The firm employs engineers and other scientists who have excellent academic knowledge and professional experience in a wide range of engineering and environmental related issues.

We provide professional consulting services specialized in the civil and environmental engineering sector and are involved in all stages of a project, i.e. preliminary design, detailed design, preparation of detailed technical documentation and specification and construction supervision. Our services aim to clients of the public and private, authorities and municipalities.


The smooth and qualitative development of each project requires the provision of consulting services for the preparation of rational and thorough studies, able to guarantee its success, as well as to deal with any problems that will arise.
Achieving a goal is for the company Nicolaides & Associates challenge, which with proper handling and always guided the interest of the customer and through knowledge and experience, is always completed successfully.

The company is able to provide consulting services in the following areas:

Nicolaides & Associates

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